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Pronunciation ‘skrip

Function: noun

A document showing that the holder has the right to something (as stock or land)

Paper money made by the government for temporary use in an emergency

How does Scrip work?

The gift cards, certificates and services used in the Scrip program are purchased in advance at reduced rates and sold to you, the customer, at face value.  The profit is based on this difference and the generosity of the merchant or vendor.  The income generated by Scrip is used for general operating expenses for the Walla Walla Catholic Schools. 

The Scrip program is a business and is conducted like one.  Payments must be made in full, cash or check only.

Why use Scrip?

By buying Scrip you are automatically benefiting our schools and students.

All WWCS families are required to purchase $3,300 in scrip during each school year.  This averages to about $275 per month.  You may also have friends and family members designate your family to receive credit for their Scrip purchases lowering your commitment.  Please make sure they note this on their “Sponsor” line of the order form. 

Families may also opt-out of scrip purchases by participating in a one-time, $170 buy-out. 

Online Ordering

If you want to purchase Scrip online, reload cards, or use MyScripWallet login to and get signed up.  It is easy and helps us efficiently manage the program.  The WWCS enrollment code is 92E79AF21816.

Special Orders

If you are anticipating a large purchase, appliance or computer etc., we will be happy to pre-order the amount of Scrip you may need.  This is the only way to guarantee that we will have esactly what you need in stock.  Pre-orders must be paid in advance. 

We order most national Scrip items from the Great Lakes Scrip clearinghouse.  You can visit their website at and see if there is something you’d like ordered for you.  Most special orders will be delivered in 3-4 days.  So, plan ahead whenever possible.

Scrip Sale Hours at DeSales and Assumption

Monday – Friday regular office hours      

Scrip Documents:

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