Walla Walla Catholic Schools Admission is granted on a yearly basis.  Registration for the coming year begins in the winter.  School registration is an annual contract.

Admission of Students: Non-Discrimination

The Walla Walla Catholic Schools do not discriminate in the admission of students on the basis of race, color, gender, nationality or ethnic origin.  Before admission, however, parents and students must satisfy the school’s admission requirements and complete the appropriate application process.

All New Students

  • The student must have received required immunization shots.
  • Parents are required to submit a copy of his/her birth certificate and baptismal certificate.
  • Parents are required to complete and submit an emergency medical card, Washington State Health Certificate of Immunization, and student data form.


Admission of students when a waiting list exists

Students will be admitted to Walla Walla Catholic Schools on the basis of the following criteria:

  • First: Families who have children currently enrolled
  • Second: Parishioners
  • Third: Families who have children currently enrolled in Assumption School Preschool
  • Fourth: Non-Catholics


Requirements for transfer students

  • Students transferring into Walla Walla Catholic Schools should be performing at grade level.
  • Admission will be on a trial basis until grade level performance is determined by testing and teacher observation.
  • Student transfers must present a report card or transfer slip from the former school.

Test scores and health records shall be requested by the parent(s) from the former school


New Student Admissions -Assumption Grade School

Students interested in attending Assumption School are asked to submit all necessary WWCS registration forms, a copy of recent grades and test scores, and schedule an interview with the Principal.  Parents will also be interviewed.  Students are accepted to Assumption upon completion of Registration Materials, appointment with the Principal and acceptance by the Pastors.


Age Requirements for Kindergarten students

The child must be age 5 by August 31 of the year of admission in accordance with WWCS Policy (5111) and Washington State Policy (WAC 180-16-166)


Age Requirements for First Grade students

The child must be age 6 by August 31 of the year of admission in accordance with WWCS Policy (5111) and Washington State Policy (WAC 180-16-166). During the first weeks of Kindergarten or the First grade, should the teacher determine a child not ready and be it for the benefit of the child or the class as a whole, recommendations for another placement will be made.


New Student Admissions - DeSales High School

Students interested in attending DeSales are asked to submit an Application for Admission, a copy of recent grades and test scores, and schedule an interview with the Principal and Counselor.  Parents will also be interviewed. Students are accepted to DeSales upon completion of Registration Materials, Application of Admissions, appointment with the Principal, and acceptance by the Pastors.  Students are accepted on a semester probationary period.  The Principal reserves the right to require students to pursue other educational opportunities during the probationary period or at the conclusion.

By the act of registering at DeSales High School, students and parents/guardians agree to:

  • Accept and support the school's Mission Statement and Philosophy.
  • Integrate the education and formation received at school with a Christian life experienced at home and in the parish or faith community.
  • Be an active member of the school community.
  • Relate to students, faculty, administrators and other parents in a respectful manner.
  • Abide by the approved policies and regulations of the school.
  • Strive for academic excellence in accordance with personal ability.
  • Give volunteer service to the school.
  • Fulfill financial obligations specified in the Financial Agreement signed at registration.
  • Follow proper channels for addressing concerns and issues related to school life.
  • Assist in fund raising activities.
  • For continued attendance at DeSales, students must reside with parents or guardians.