Facilities Masterplan

Last Updated: 10/7/2019 6:08 PM


  • Our Walla Walla Catholic Schools (WWCS) face significant expenses upgrading critical HVAC systems at Assumption and DeSales. Our school buildings are aging and need to be evaluated for longevity and sustainability. 
  •  The Walla Walla Catholic School’s Strategic Plan, “Pillar 5: Sustainable Stewardship”, directs us to wisely manage our facilities and grounds for current and future generations. How we choose to invest our resources is critical. 

  • Our long-term Vision as stated in the Strategic Plan articulates that, “we are one community -- that we will be two schools located on one master campus that is a destination for the entire Catholic community.”

  • Given the above considerations, the WWCS Board assembled a Facilities Planning Committee to work with architects to both assess our school sites and to propose options for a unified campus.

Where are we now:

  • The architects have completed their assessment of our schools and have proposed very preliminary design concepts for achieving a single campus.
  • We are conducting focus groups inviting WWCS families, alumni, parishioners, and our community of friends to offer comments on these design concepts and to raise any questions or concerns as we continue planning.
  •  We have also hired Ed Little, a Catholic schools consultant, to do additional research with our school families and community to assess readiness for a Capital Campaign to support a project of this scope. 

Next Steps:

  • October 24th WWCS Board meeting: Ed Little will present results from his Feasibility Study for Board discussion.
  •  Overall Project Timeline: we anticipate a phased approach in moving toward our vision for a single WWCS campus. Construction/remodel work could begin as early as 2021. Obviously there is much planning, fundraising, and continued discussion that will occur prior to any building activity.

Thank you for actively participating in this process by attending community forums, providing questions and suggestions, and staying up to date on our progress! Your input is valuable in reaching our goals to advance our schools.

If you have questions regarding the facilities masterplan, please contact Jamie VanWormer, Director of Advancement at (509) 525-3030