Your Family

Last Updated: 10/23/2018 8:55 PM

We are parents just like you.
We have lived through the joyous moments of bringing home a newborn, the fears of not being the “best” parent, the anxiety that goes into making the right parenting decision, the pains of attending to a first bump on the head, and the stress of selecting safe, loving childcare. We have also experienced the wonder a child brings, the dreams of a life to come with all of its possibilities, the euphoria of watching first steps, the heart-swelling blessings of baptism, and the joyful tears on the first day of school. We know what you are going through as you think about choosing the best school for your child.

Your children, like ours, become our heart’s work, our legacy. We are a community, not just a school, a complete educational experience, from pre-school at the Early Learning Center at Assumption, through Assumption Catholic Grade School (K-8), and finally to DeSales High School. We provide a unique atmosphere where the community fosters the child in partnership with the parents. A small world where everyone knows your child’s name, embraces their gifts and works hand in hand with you to enhance your parental influence, family values, and Faith. Because of this we believe,