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We understand that we are guided by the Lord. We are motivated by our faith to build our community, perform to our highest level, and lift others up.


We understand that God provides us with life and salvation. We show profound respect and love through honoring, expressing gratitude, and obeying covenants. We illustrate this devotion through prayer, respectfully honoring our flag and country, and celebrating our strong traditions of community, family, respect, and perseverance.


We understand that thinking about possibilities and forming mental images of things not perceived through the five senses is essential to the human experience. Imagination builds curiosity which fuels excitement in learning and desire for better ways to embrace opportunities and solve problems.


We understand that education includes all those experiences by which intelligence is developed, knowledge acquired, and character formed. Our faith-centered lives provide us with many ways to hone our intelligence. We learn that we must be open to new concepts and approaches and willing to take risks. We appreciate that practice and study improve our ability to perform and well-determined goals drive us.


We understand, following the example of the saints, that humility is the foundation for spiritual and personal growth. While seeking success in life, we remember those whose circumstances have made it more difficult for them to succeed. While striving for academic excellence, we give honor to God and thank him for the talents he has given us. While aiming to win, we rely on our teammates, obey our coaches and officials, appreciate our competitors, provide opportunities to lift up others, accept loss gracefully, and pray that God will provide us the grace to understand His will in all things.


We understand the theological virtue of charity; we recognize the need to sacrifice self for the betterment of our fellow man. Although we are to be passionate about our positions, our passion should never contribute to us being uncharitable. We think outside of ourselves and are thankful for others’ talents, never envious, never prideful, always giving God the glory.


The theological virtue of faith continually reminds us of our purpose on this earth. We are not our own...we belong to God. We recognize that every aspect of his life, including athletic competition, is to be transformed by this faith.


The theological virtue of hope continually reminds us, amidst the pains and disappointments in life; that we are not in heaven yet. A better place has been prepared for us, but we may have to endure many hardships here first. Life does not always seem fair, and there will come many times in our life that we will be tempted to despair. But, we know that we are a part of a much greater plan – one that we often cannot grasp. We are a part of the saving act of Christ redeeming the world. We must participate, do our part, and leave the rest to Heaven.


The cardinal virtue of prudence tells us to make wise decisions. A prudent person is very coachable. Prudent students recognize that there are no short-cuts to success – it takes hard work. Prudent people set goals, and are willing to sacrifice short-term success, for long-term advancement. The ultimate goal (of course) is heaven.


The cardinal virtue of courage deals with discipline – the discipline to keep going despite your fears, to push yourself when you want to give up.


The cardinal virtue of temperance helps us to keep the proper perspective on things. We are always passionate about life, but we recognize that there is more to life than our passions.


The cardinal virtue of justice teaches us the importance of fair play, and the importance of recognizing wins and losses and their impact on society as a whole.


Community is our greatest attribute. If you are looking for a home, a family, and a community where your kids are loved, you are respected and invited in, and your talents are welcomed, we are the place for you. In our schools we see every day how our students are held to a higher standard by every parent and adult with whom they come into contact. They know that they are cared for and looked out for by the other families; they share rides, meals, and life’s wonders in the spirit of family and community. Join our family today.