Student Life

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Campus Ministry
DeSales High School implemented its Campus Ministry office in the 2005-2006 school year.  Our mission is to provide faith development that is both complimentary to and independent of religious studies courses.  Campus Ministry undertakes the task of organizing and carrying out Masses, prayer services, special religious ceremonies, student faith groups, and retreats.

Student Government
Every student at DeSales is a member of the Associated Student Body, known simply as ASB.  The entire student body elects ASB officers, president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer in the spring for the following school year.

The Student Council, an executive-legislative body of the ASB, is composed of the ASB officers, two elected representatives from each class, and one member from each club approved by the Council.  The Council aims to develop maximum participation in school activities, encourage school spirit, and work toward full cooperation with faculty and administration. Any DeSales student, although they do not have a vote, may attend council meetings and voice an opinion or make a proposal to the Student Council.

Commuity Service
An integral part of Catholic school education is the opportunity it provides for students to reach out in service to others in their community.  They thereby have opportunity to apply the Christian values of generosity and compassion, which they have learned from their families, faith communities and school environment.  Through reflection on their experiences of volunteer community service, students come to recognize the very real connection between their personal decisions and the community in which they live and in which one day will play an important role.  Motivated by the example of Jesus Christ, community service is to be approached as a privileged opportunity for growth and personal service.

As part of their religion curriculum and faith formation program, the students shall be given the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and learn from them.

Clubs at DeSales

  • Knowledge Bowl
  • Girls' League
  • Drama Club (formerly Bulc Amard)
  • Yearbook
  • Cheerleaders
  • National Honor Society
  • Art Club

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