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Our schools, Assumption Elementary-Middle School and DeSales High School, have a special mission that set them apart from others, providing an Education for Life.   We welcome all students regardless of religious affiliation. In addition to providing a complete academic curriculum, the Walla Walla Catholic Schools combine religious instruction, value formation, and respect for everyone into the education of all students. Assumption and DeSales educate the whole person, academically, spiritually, physically and socially.

The Walla Walla Catholic Schools is a ministry established by the three Catholic Parishes in Walla Walla to provide a Christian-based education for pre-school through high school aged children, regardless of religious affiliation. Our schools and programs have a special mission that set them apart from other area schools. At WWCS we provide an Education for Life, Where Every Student is Needed and Every Student is Important.

Being a student in WWCS means you have the chance to participate in all aspects of student life: AP courses, extra-curricular activities, student government, community service leadership roles, clubs, and sports. There are no limits to what you can do or what you can participate in while attending WWCS. All we ask is that you give your best as we give our best to you. Students are expected to strive for excellence in everything they do through a collaborative effort with parents, teachers, other students, administrators, volunteers and community members. We have found that with this collaborative effort of reaching for excellence our students, year after year, achieve outstanding results in all areas. For the past ten years, we have had a 100% graduation rate, and over 95% of our graduates immediately continue to further their education in college.

The WWCS foster a sense of community, support family values, encourage parental involvement, and require service to others. Our teachers nurture and challenge our students to grow intellectually, to be inclusive in their relationships, and to grow in their faith and service. The Early Learning Center at Assumption, Assumption Elementary and Middle School, and DeSales High School strive to educate the whole person, academically, spiritually, physically, and socially.

If you are looking for academic excellence, an education that stresses high moral standards and Christian values, teachers who spend time nurturing the unique abilities of every student, opportunities for involvement in extra-curricular activities, and a safe learning environment, then you should be looking at the Early Learning Center, Assumption and DeSales.

The Walla Walla Walla Catholic Schools have been serving the community for over 145 years. This rich tradition and storied history confirms our belief that a Catholic education is an Education for Life, Where Every Student is Needed and Every Student is Important.



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