Campus Ministry

DeSales High School implemented its Campus Ministry office in the 2005-2006 school year.  Our mission is to provide faith development that is both complimentary to and independent of religious studies courses.  Campus Ministry undertakes the task of organizing and carrying out Masses, prayer services, special religious ceremonies, student faith groups, and retreats.


The retreats are perhaps the most powerful Campus Ministry offering.  On retreats, students travel to a retreat site and spend two or three days getting to know themselves, others, and God better.  Ultimately, we will have five retreats per year.


Senior Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage is a 12-mile hike, led by adults for seniors, with stops for talks and skits along the way. Ends with an overnight camp-out full of song. September.
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Junior Encounter

The Junior Encounter program is a special retreat designed to help the student better know and love him/herself, others, and God. Led by a joint group of seniors and adult leaders at Camp Touchet near Dayton.
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Sophomore Overnight Retreat

This junior-led overnight retreat focuses on the relationships we have with each other and how God fits in with the way we see the world.  March
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Freshman Spring Retreat

The Freshman Spring Retreat led by sophomores is a day long retreat focuses on community, growing in faith during the four years of high school, and sharing in small and large groups. It is held at St. Patrick's Parish in town in April.

Senior End-of-Year Reflection Retreat

At the end of the year, when life is zooming for most seniors, comes this time to slow down on their final day of school at DeSales and celebrate as a class the four years they just spent together. Students reflect on spiritual issues and the transition to life after DeSales and beyond.

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